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Unfortunately, there are times when we lose a loved one due to the negligence of an individual, medical provider or nursing home.  In these cases, our law firm understands the various emotions those left behind must endure.  We have the experience to help you through this type of situation and can even direct you how to obtain Letters of Testamentary or Letters of Administration to properly litigate your case.

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We handle serious vehicle and trucking accident cases.  First and foremost, either go directly to the emergency room or see your primary care provider within 24 hours of your accident.  Any delay in treatment can significantly impact your case.  Ensure you take photos of the accident scene and your injuries.  Then contact us as soon as you are able so we can discuss your case and ongoing treatment plan. 
Personal injuries can occur due to the negligence of others.  If you are harmed while on the property of a business (premise liability), as a result of being bitten by a dog, by faulty equipment, or any other injury that you believe was caused by someone else's negligence, we can help assess your case and help you recover for your damages.
Most people will never have a complication or injury as the result of negligence on behalf of a medical provider.  However, misdiagnosis of cancer, incorrect surgical procedure, incorrect drug type or dosage, and failure to obtain informed consent are just a few examples of the types of cases that can change an individual and their family forever.  We strive to obtain the best recovery in each case we handle.
When you enroll a loved one into a nursing home because you want them to receive the best care available, you do not expect the staff to neglect your loved one in any way.  Unfortunately, we have seen various forms of nursing home abuse and find it appalling that "professionals" would allow harm to come to those who cannot properly care for themselves.  We have the experience to guide you through this sensitive time.  
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Whether you are seeking plastic surgery as an elective surgery or one to help with a medical condition, you expect those performing such procedures on you to heed to the standard of care as their industry has dictated.  If you believe you have been permanently scarred as a result of such negligent surgery, please contact us to discuss your case.    


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